Long-Term Care

Most states require long-term care producers to complete initial, ongoing, and even state-specific training prior to representing long-term care insurance.


Learn More About Mandatory Long-Term Care Training


Although most states have required mandatory training for producers for more than a decade, validating producer compliance remains a major challenge.

Differences between state regulations, refresher training deadlines, and precise content requirements seem to require a super computer to navigate.

ClearCert has already built one! Our elegant turn-key solution to validating long-term care insurance training must be seen to be believed.

Course Completion Data

The industries only single, national course lookup instantly researches records dating back to 2007.

Reduce Risk

Our proven, exhaustive course certification process takes the guess work out of identifying courses that meet state requirements.

Instant Verification

Our certification engine applies reciprocity automattically so you can validate any producer’s certification status in any state, on any date, automatically!

Eliminate Errors & Increase Productivity

Our customers tell us that by using our platform, they save nearly 90% of the time it takes to process new business. Instead of hounding producers for copies of training certificates, they access our national transcripts, certification reports, and helpful resources to save time and eliminate mistakes.

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