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ClearCert® was founded in response to the three national training requirements which insurance carriers are legally responsibly for certifying: The 2004 National Flood Insurance Act, the 2006 update of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Long Term Care Insurance Model Act, and the 2010 NAIC Suitability in Annuities Regulation.

Producers who sell – or sell against – any of these products must be certified before discussing these products with their clients, including long-term care “combo” or “hybrid” products. ClearCert® is the industry’s only national certification platform that certifies producers to sell any of all of these products. Easily manage your certification status by registering today!

Carrier Relations

We work directly with carriers so we can explain exactly what it takes to get and stay compliant with these training requirements, and directly with training firms to collect course data, so you can be sure your carrier will certify you.

Only Pre-Certified Courses

Never wonder if the course you’re taking has been pre-certified or not; ClearCert houses a comprehensive pre-certified course list to eliminate confusion.

Tools You Need

Automatically give you reciprocal credit in non-resident states so you can calculate your status in every licensed state; and help you check your expiration dates so you can keep your certification status intact.

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